Why is my garage door not going down?

First thing you should check is safety censors - do you have power and do you have lights on? Is an object in the way of the safety censors? Has your dog chewed up the wires to your safety censors? Do you have power to the whole unit? Check your GFCI test and reset plug. All of these are common reasons why your garage door is not functioning. If you have gone through this checklist, it's time to call a pro - (704) 458-1805

Can you override the garage door safety censors?

Yes, typically you can hold down the wall button until it overrides the safety censors, but you will not be able to do this with remotes, from your car or from any phone. Only a wired button will allow you to override the safety censors.

Why are my garage door remotes not working?

The three most common issues are - the battery being dead, not having power to the garage door motor, and LED light bulbs being used in the garage. LED light bulbs interfere with the radio frequency that your garage door remotes need to work properly.

Why is my garage door not going up?

Do you have a broken spring? Look above the door at your springs. If you see one broken, do not use the garage door opener until it has been repaired! Call a professional. Do you have power? Check your GFCI and check your breaker box. Is your emergency pull cord disengaged? Children and vehicle roof racks often pull the emergency pull release which disengages the door from the motor and puts it in manual mode. The simple fix is to pull the cord backwards toward the motor, which should allow the inner trolley to lock in to the outer trolley, allowing the door begin moving again.

Should I go with a chain drive or a belt drive on my new garage door motor?

If you have a room over your garage, we recommend going with a belt drive on your new garage door motor. The belt drive will significantly decrease the sound and vibration experienced in the room when your garage door opens or closes. There isn't a meaningful difference in longevity between a belt drive or chain drive, but there is a considerable difference in noise and vibration.